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BALSHALA FOR 2023 - 24  

Dear Parents,
It's time again for us to start the HTS Balashala program for the new session 2023-24.

Classes will be in-person this year. 

Registration will be done 10.30 AM on Sunday, 10th September, 2023 at the Hindu Temple.

Please note, registration ends on September 24th.

Click here for Orientation presentation

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​​​​​​​Balshala at the Hindu Temple Society (HTS) of Augusta is a volunteer run program designed to teach children various aspects of Hindu religion and philosophy. Through a defined curriculum which includes prayers, rituals and stories from sacred scriptures, the program aims to provide a good spiritual foundation. Arts & crafts, Hindi class, and other supporting activities of the program help to connect children with their cultural heritage. Balshala fosters a sense of identity and individuality in children of Indian origin and helps raise responsible citizens of the global community.

​The Balshala program is open to children (ages 4 - 12 years) of HTS members. Classes and meetings are scheduled in the HTS premises on designated Sundays starting in September as published in the yearly Balshala calendar. An End of Year performance and lunch is traditionally scheduled around Mother's Day  in early May.

​​​​​​Balshala Dates - 2023-24

  • Balshala Registration Begins : Aug 13th
  • ​Balshala Registration & Orientation : Sept-10, 2023
  • Balshala Start date: Sep-24​, 2023

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