At the end of each Balshala session, a small snack is distributed to all students. Parent volunteers signed up to bring these snacks are also responsible for clean-up of the cultural center premises. Healthy snacks in individual packs which do not make a mess are suggested as options.

Volunteer Schedule:            Fall Term (September - December)                     Spring Term (January - May)

Parents signed up for snack and clean up are responsible for the following:

  • Bringing a healthy snack to the cultural center. (Quantity should be sufficient to cover 85 student participants, which is the full strength of Balshala this year)
  • ​Distributing snack to students at the end of Balshala (approx 12 - 12: 15 pm)
  • ​Vacuuming the cultural center hall and other areas of the premises as needed
  • ​Throwing away trash bag in the dumpster and replacing trash can with a new trash bag